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Pearl Lake area property owners are invited to mail their dues for the 2018 year.  If you would like your membership card sent back to you, kindly include a self addressed, stamped envelope. Dues are $10.00 per year.
You may also join or pay dues ar the 1st. meeting or at any lake association meeting.
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Michael Gosenheimer
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Event starts at 8 am. at Waushara Country Club, Wautoma, WI. Be at course by 7:30 am. 9 hole scramble event. Teams of 4 golfers. A traveling trophy and other prizes will be awarded. Contact Steve Gosenheimer at 262-370-7121 or  to sign up or for more information.


Live Entertainment
Run, Walk, Stroll

The Pearl Lake Property Owners association invites you to attend all three meetings this summer and to participate in the annual Pearl Lake Day festivities. 

Meetings are a great way to renew friendships and catch up on current events. The meetings are informal and brief, and we are always open to suggestions that will enhance the Pearl Lake experience. We promise that the meetings will inform and amuse you.

Meetings are held Saturdays at 8:30 am. In Jeff Swenson's garage at 4655 South Pearl Lake Rd. Bring your spouse, your neighbors, a chair and a smile. The PRD Meeting will be held first, followed by the Lake Association meeting. Note: NEW TIME!

Check out the revised Lake Association by-laws Here. 

Marv Nielsen and Friends Band 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm.  Location: Boat Landing Parking Lot  View Event Poster Here

2019 Dates to Remember
Memorial Day Weekend Meeting - May 25, 2019
Independence Day Weekend Meeting - July 6, 2019
Pearl Lake Day Events - Saturday August 3, 2019
Labor Day Weekend Meeting - August 31, 2019 

The Pearl Lake News is published annually by the Pearl lake Property Owners Association and the Pearl Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District. Articles, photos,a nd news articles are welcome and should be sent to:

Mike and Cyndi Getchius
W4879 S. Pearl Lake Rd.
Redgranite, WI.  54970 

The deadline for submissions for the 2019 edition is April 1, 2019.

Anyone wishing to have the Pearl Lake News e-mailed directly to your inbox, e-mail a request using the e-mail account that you want it sent to.  The e-mail version contains color photos that enhance the print copy.

Vice- President

Chris Hess 

(920) 229-4433 Cell 


9 am.  Events starts at the boat landing parking area. Contact Dani Pollaski 
for more information.


Barb Gosenheimer

(920) 566-2191 Lake

(608) 665-3291 Home 

Pearl Lake Property Owners Association Minutes                                                            July 6, 2019


5/25, 7/6  President, Barb Gosenheimer, called the meeting to order.

5/25, 7/6 PURPOSE:  The purpose of the Association was read by Barb.  “The purpose of the PLPOA is to share information, discuss and agree on Association-sponsored activities, and offer a mechanism to connect property owners.”

5/25, 7/26 INTRODUCTION OF OFFICERS:  Barb Gosenheimer, President; Chris Hess, Vice Pres.; Mike Gosenheimer, Treasurer and Tammy Chier, Secretary were all present.

5/25  New Members to our Association are Aron and Alexandria Nelson at W4661 S Pearl Lake Rd. and Kevin and Christi McCann at W4774 S Pearl Lake Rd.   An informational packet was provided to Aron and Sue Beese will give one to the McCanns.  7/6  There are no new members.

5/25 CONDOLENCES:    Sympathies go out to the family and friends of:  Dorothy Kulis, Shirley Zimmerman, Shirley Loker, Karen Vogt and Dave Blake.  7/6 No condolences offered.

5/25 SECRETARY REPORT: the report from Sept.  was read.    Motion by Deb S, seconded by Steve G was approved by voice vote.  7/6  the report from May 25th meeting were read.    There being no corrections, a motion was made by Deb S. seconded my Ron L. and approved by voice vote.

5/25  TREASURER’S REPORT:   the report of current balances was read and approved by voice vote.  7/6  a summary of current balances in checking, savings and petty cash accounts was reported by Mike. Donations received were reported at $590 along with $600 from the Hewitts for the band and $260 from the sale of flags.    There will not be a special group of people recognized this year as in the past, with volunteer t-shirts, golf towels and water bottles.

5/25, 7/6  MEMBERSHIP:  Dues are still $10 per family and are payable after the meeting.  Additional monies were received by Rick and Joni Kleinfeld and Bruce and Lisa McNair.

5/25  APPAREL: New T-shirts are available. Baby/toddler are available upon request.  Order forms were provided.   Chris Hess will continue to submit orders. Orders need to be in by June 7th in order to receive them by July 6th meeting.  contact Chris at if you are interested in ordering anything.   The order form will also be available on the Pearl Lake website.  Two designs of flags were offered for sale at a $5 discount; today only. Price of the flags are $45.  7/6  We sold $1,700.00 of apparel on our last order submitted on June 10th for delivery at this meeting.   Profits on apparel are minimal.    The flags that were purchased at our last meeting have proven to not hold up in the strong storms that we have been experiencing.    All flags have since been reinforced; with the exception of one.   We are still looking for that purchaser.   Future flags have a rolled seam edge that holds up better.  We are all encouraged to wear your PL apparel to PLD.

5/25  PEARL LAKE DAY 2019:    August 3rd.    Due to the water level on the lake, the beach will not be available for this event.  Outside Aces has been contracted and 90 days prior to the event has passed so our monies cannot be refunded.  Other locations for the event are being looked into.  Hobey and Laura Hewett have graciously offered to pay for the band this year in memory of their son; Ben who perished in an auto accident last August.   Activities being cancelled this year are; Boat parade, kids activities and Car show.     Additional event is the Fishing Tournament; please contact Nick Thomas for more details. 7/6  Location for the event is at the parking lot at the top of the hill at the boat landing.  PARKING IN THIS LOT WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE from Thursday evening, August 1st until Monday, August 4th.   A tent, tables and chairs have been rented to seat 80 people.  The Voldens have offered to pay $150 toward the 2 porta potties and 1 wash station.  The two neighbors next to the parking lot were approached and gave us permission to use their electricity for our event.  A postcard, such as in past years for the parade ballot, will be sent to all property owners around the lake.  Look for additional information about the Fishing Tournament on the Pearl Lake Wisconsin Facebook page.   AGENDA FOR PLD----Fishing tournament from Friday 5 am until noon on Saturday, Golfing starting at 8am, Run, Walk, Stroll at 9am, Refreshments and food by the RGFD Aux. from 11-8:30; Marv Nielsen and Friends performing from 12:30 until 2:30, Outside Aces performing from 4 to 8 pm.  Mike presented financials for the event that we know of.  A hat was passed around and members graciously gave donations by the suggestion of one of the members.   A suggestion of a Dog Show for the younger crowd was entertained, but could not be added to the List of Events because we couldn’t come up with anyone to “Spearhead” it.  Suggestion was made to park cars along one side of the road for clearance in case emergency personnel needed to get through.    The South side was chosen---meaning the Right side as you’re heading East and the Left side if you are heading West. It was suggested that you ask the property owners if you are interested in launching your boat on their shoreline.  WEAR YOUR PEARL LAKE ATTIRE AND/OR YOUR BEST BEACH WEAR

7/6  Chris H presented an idea to the members about having  Marv Nielsen and Friends perform from 12:30 until 2:30 to encourage participation and support the Auxiliary Food and Drink Stand.    With a show of hands, it was decided to go ahead with the scheduling of the trio.   

5/25  BOAT HOOK-UP:  will occur on the 3rd and 5th Saturdays after 4pm and on meeting dates. Dates for this year are: Today, June 20th,   7/6  July 6th and 20th, August 17th and 31st, Sept. 21st.

7/6  A Thank you to anyone that investing in and displayed fireworks last evening

7/6  Elections are at our next meeting.    Please notify any officers of the nominations for any/all positions.

5/25  Drawing:  Right and left handed Old Fashioned glasses were won by Tim Olig; and a golf towel was won by Rob Thomas; two can cozies won by Marilyn Anderson and a Pearl Lake hat was won by Joni Singer. 7/6  A PL hat was chosen by Stacy Gahn for the first number chosen; second number chosen was Steve Semrad who picked a PL shirt; Steve Zent picked two Vodka glasses and Theresa Nagy got the last four can cozies we have.    One PL hat was offered for sale at $15.

5/25  The meeting was adjourned at 10:12 am.  7/6  9:38am

5/25, 7/6Respectfully submitted,      Tammy Chier





(920) 566-2191 Lake

(608) 665-3291  Home

Pearl Lake, Wisconsin

Pearl Lake Day 2019 

Saturday August 3, 2019

Boat Landing Parking Lot. 11 am to 8:30 pm.

Support the Regranite Firefighters who will be selling brats, beer, soda, and munchies all day long. The eats are inexpensive, so please consider an additional donation.

Fishing Tournament

Food, refreshments: Boat Landing Parking lot

The Outside Aces
Rock and Roll that will have you hoppin'

Event starts at 4 pm Location: Boat Landing Parking Lot and runs until 8 pm. Please consider giving tips to the band; while the PLPOA pays for their standard fee, it is minimal considering they give up their entire day for this gig.

Pearl Lake News

New! 2019 Version Now available Here
Print info sheet HERE or​​Contact Nick Thomas at or call/text 262-385-1525 if you would like to participate.  Note: Boat Landing Parking Lot will not be available for parking vehicles or trailers

Pearl Lake Property Owners Association - Last updated 7/9/2019

It takes a community to make this day successful.  If you enjoy any of the events but are not helping organize please consider:

*Cleaning up garbage and take down chairs and tables Saturday night

*Paying your $10 PLPOA dues

*Providing donations to the Redgranite Fire Department and the band

 Special thanks to others for providing support:

The Hewett Family for who are covering the cost of the band as a memorial to their son who passed away in an auto accident last year.


Tammy Chier

920-290-2897 Cell

New this year!

We may not have a beach this year...but we still have a party! Lake activities will be held at the parking lot of the boat launch unless otherwise noted. A party tent with tables and chairs will be placed in this space along with a stage for the bands,RGFD Auxiliary Food and Drink Stand, porta potties, and a hand washing station.

Bring games and have fun with your Pearl Lake neighbors.  No carry-ins. (We want to support our firefighters)

Show your Pearl Lake Spirit: Wear your Pearl Lake shirts and hats to the event.

Note: The boat landing parking lot will not be available for parking of vehicles or trailers, as this will be the space for food, drinks, and the band. Parking will be disrupted from Thursday, August 1, through Monday, August 5 to allow for set up and tear down.

If you are driving over, park on the south side of the street to allow space for walkers.

Central Wisconsin's Clearest, Cleanest Lake!
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