And a couple of Dave on the same day.

Dan's fish.  1985 and Pentilla Sauna

Jim Ferry, Tommy Neimi 1952. Pavillion  Type your paragraph here.

Pearl Girls Bake Sale.  September 1, 2012​

Thanks to Brian Meyer for the above four images!

Winter, Summer, Spring and Fall, life at Pearl Lake's a ball!

Pearl Lake, Wisconsin

 Old (1937 photo) Pearl Lake Postcard mailed in 1952. Courtesy of Mike and Cyndi Getchius

Fun for everyone over the 4th of July week...​

Pearl Lake Ferry/Martson Cottage

 Aiti, Jim, Bee and Bob.  October 1969       ​

Our Float

Jim Ferry's big fish.  August of 1957

Central Wisconsin's Clearest, Cleanest Lake!
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  Laurel Ferry, Joe and Dan  ( 1980ish )

               Above 10 Classic images courtesy of Jim Ferry.  Thanks! 

Aiti (Minnie Martson) Jack, and Jim

Dave Schroeder reports: Here are a couple of pics of our last paddle of 2012. Pictures is Monica Schroeder in her kayak. This was in December. A week later the lake had ice.​

DeeDee Neimi, Ann Ferry, Jim, and Susie Curtis 1950Type your paragraph here.

Life at the Lake                                Last updated 5/31/2016  Newer photos at bottom of page

Fall 2010 Images above by Irene Lawler.  Thanks!

Post Card circa 1939​