Dave Schroeder reports: Here are a couple of pics of our last paddle of 2012. Pictures is Monica Schroeder in her kayak. This was in December. A week later the lake had ice.​

And a couple of Dave on the same day.

Dan's fish.  1985 and Pentilla Sauna

DeeDee Neimi, Ann Ferry, Jim, and Susie Curtis 1950Type your paragraph here.

 Aiti, Jim, Bee and Bob.  October 1969       ​

Our Float

Aiti (Minnie Martson) Jack, and Jim

Jim Ferry, Tommy Neimi 1952. Pavillion  Type your paragraph here.

 Old (1937 photo) Pearl Lake Postcard mailed in 1952. Courtesy of Mike and Cyndi Getchius

Fun for everyone over the 4th of July week...​

Pearl Lake Ferry/Martson Cottage

Post Card circa 1939​

Pearl Girls Bake Sale.  September 1, 2012​

Jim Ferry's big fish.  August of 1957

Thanks to Brian Meyer for the above four images!

Winter, Summer, Spring and Fall, life at Pearl Lake's a ball!

  Laurel Ferry, Joe and Dan  ( 1980ish )

               Above 10 Classic images courtesy of Jim Ferry.  Thanks! 

Pearl Lake, Wisconsin

Life at the Lake                                Last updated 5/31/2016  Newer photos at bottom of page

Fall 2010 Images above by Irene Lawler.  Thanks!

Central Wisconsin's Clearest, Cleanest Lake!
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