​1/1/2018 to 12/31/2018 PRD Budget
$2500.00  Fish Stocking/Habitat
$100.00   BUOY REPLACEMENT         
$200.00  EDUCATION
$2500.00  Clean Boats Clean Waters

$50.00  Bank Charge Check Image Fee

$150.00 Bank Charge Online Bill Pay Chrg

$3580.00 Private/Sheriff Lake Patrol

$21,355.00 Total Planned Expenditure

$16,200.00 Tax Levy Requested

$5155.00 Shortfall to be used from Reserve Fund

View 2019 Approved Budget Here

Ex officio Member  

Chris Sorenson


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2015/2016 New Shoreland Zoning Information


Randy Rucks


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Ed Sheppard


Tree Drops make great fish habitat.   

Read all about tree drops HERE

Tree Drop Exemption Check list  HERE

Sample Tree Drop Diagram HERE

Tree Drop Permit Application for those not exempt under the Checklist prodedure above.  HERE  

Tree Drop Contact in Wild Rose.  Approx. $50.00 to $75.00 cost.  Call 715-281-3828 

Anyone who is interested in a fish habitat or shoreline project, please contact Nick Thomas for assistance and possible funding.

nick@spsroofing.com or call/text 262-385-1525

Important Links

July 2, 2018 District Attorney Letter  Here

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Local Zebra Mussel information Here

Water Quality Columnaris Report Here
2, 4-D Hebicide Fact Sheet Here


Dale Singer


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Waushara County Representative

​Mike Kapp


Central Wisconsin's Clearest, Cleanest Lake!
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Pearl Lake Protection and Rehabilitation Commissioner Meeting Minutes
Sept 1, 2018

Chairman Volden called the commissioners meeting to order.

Roll Call: Roger Volden, Randy Rucks, Dale Singer, Michael Kapp, Chris Sorenson, Ed Sheppard.

The current positions on the PRD will stay as currently aligned;

Roger Volden, Chairman, Dave Paulick, Vice Chair, Randy Rucks, Treasurer, Ed Sheppard, Secretary.

Minutes and treasurer’s report were waived as they were previously approved at the annual meeting a few minutes ago.

Nick Thomas gave an update on the fish habitat efforts.

He indicated that there will be another fundraiser and that some donations have been made.  He hopes to spend another $1500.00 for forage minnows later in the fall.

Motion by Roger Volden, second by Randy Rucks to allocate $1,500.00 for forage minnows for fall of 2018. Motion passed by unanimous vote.

Clean Boat Clean Water Program report will be submitted after this weekend and will be placed online.  Chairman Volden did mention that Spring Lake may be making a proposal to share the boat inspectors for this program and it will be reviewed by the commissioners once it is finalized.

Secchi Disk results are as follows:

August 2018                 August 2017

 15’                              22’

Water Temp:

3 feet                           74 degrees                   76 degrees

15 feet                         74 degrees                   76 degrees

40 feet                         45 degrees                   49 degrees

Roger noted the clarity issue was probably a result of the rain and runoff that we have had this year.

Roger asked the commissioners if there was any new business to be brought before the Board at future meetings. No new business presented.                                

A motion by Roger Volden, seconded by Ed Sheppard to adjourn the commissioner meeting was made.  All commissioners voted to adjourn the meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:50 a.m. on Sept 1, 2018.

Ed Sheppard, Secretary, Pearl Lake PRD

Memorial Day Weekend Board Meeting

Sat. May 26, 2018. Read Agenda HERE

Independence Day Weekend  Board Meeting

Sat. July 7, 2018.  

Labor Day Weekend AnnualMeeting

Sat. September 1, 2018.

The Wisconsin Legislature has made major changes to shoreland zoning in 2015-16. These changes are described in three short video presentations:

Introduction to shoreland zoning and recent changes to required shoreland lot sizes   Click Here

Changes to shoreland setbacks, vegetation protection and impervious surface standards  Click Here

Changes to standards for buildings located close to the shoreline   Coming soon

 Water Clarity

Recent Secchi Disk reading for the lake as reported by Chuck Johanns are:

May 17, 2011    25.0 feet

June 13. 2011  18.25 feet

July 13, 2011    17.25 feet

August 15, 2011 19.25 feet

October 18, 2011  17.25 feet

May 1,  2012  27.5 feet

June 13, 2012  26.5 feet

July 2, 2012  16.5 feet

May 8, 2013  24.5 feet

August 20, 2013  16 feet

June 24, 2014  26 feet

May 24, 2017  28 feet

May 24, 2018   21 feet

New Waushara County Lake Level information and Chart Click Here

Lake Level Map  ClickHere

PRD Board and Annual meetings are held Saturdays at 8:30 am.

In Jeff Swenson's garage at 4655 South Pearl Lake Rd.


Roger Volden


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Eurasian Water Milfoil

The PRD will be continuing its efforts in 2015 to control the invasive species Eurasian Water Milfoil. The district has budgeted $9400.00 for the work.  Our consultants have advised us to budget this amount for years going forward and it is likely that we will have to levy additional money in future budget years.  

It is believed that there is approximately 5.5 acres of area in the lake that will need treatment. Eurasian and Hybrid Milfoil has been found by divers in water as deep as 21 feet.  This compares favorably to the 6 acres that were treated as recently as October of 2007, and the 13 acres that were treated in the summer of 2000.  

We are making progress, but your commissioners will remain vigilant in fighting this invasive species in order to keep Pearl Lake the healthy lake that it is.  Property owners near the affected areas will be notified about the treatment by mail.

Learn more about Aquatic Invasive Species Here

Pearl Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District Annual Meeting Minutes

September 1, 2018

The meeting was held at Jeff Swenson’s and was called to order by Chairman Roger Volden at 8:38 a.m. 

Roll Call: Roger Volden, Randy Rucks, Dick Fjellman, Michael Kapp, Chris Sorenson, Ed Sheppard.
The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.                               

The updated changes in the bylaws which were sent to all PRD members prior to this meeting and which were also made available on a table prior to the meeting were reviewed by Chairman Roger Volden and as requested were read to the members at the meeting.  Once they were presented a motion to approve the changes in the bylaws to bring them up to date was made by Roger Volden and seconded by Nona Koivula. Motion was passed with a show of hands.

The minutes from the September 2, 2017 meeting had some corrections made and were put on the website as well as the July 7, 2018 minutes which were also reviewed and changes were made to those.  Those amended minutes also appear on the website and copies were present at the annual meeting. Randy Rucks made a motion to accept the amended minutes and it was seconded by Sheppard and approved by a voice vote.

The treasurer’s report was presented by Randy Rucks.

Checkbook balance of $12,826.47 as of 8/26/2018

Water Quality Fund has a balance of $97,130.66 as of 8/26/2018.

Randy indicated all bills have been paid as of August 26, 2018.

In addition Rucks noted that Donna Volden and Connie Paulick had also conducted an audit of the 2017 books on 2/23/2018 and found them to be in proper order.

Motion by Sheppard to accept treasurer’s report as presented. Motion was seconded by Barb Gosenheimer and the motion passed on a voice vote.

Chairman Volden then went through the budget as prepared by the PRD however he did note there were a few additions after the printing of the budget that was presented to the annual meeting. They are as follows:

There is $600.00 that needed to be added to a line in the budget for securing insurance for workers comp and liability for the PRD.

$600.00 has been reduced from the Water Safety Patrol budget and should read $1900.00 instead of $2500.00.

Prior to finalizing the budget there were assorted topics discussed including the fact that recently some of the property owners had found out that Silver Lake had imposed a no wake order for Silver Lake for the Labor day weekend and they cited the fact that the state of Wisconsin had declared a state of emergency and that was why the action was taken by Silver Lake. 

Town of Leon Chairman Chris Sorenson spoke to that issue and indicated that while the town of Leon could declare a state of emergency it would have to be justified as being declared due to a major event such as storms etc. and he did not believe the town could simply take the action to single out one lake such as Pearl Lake.   Ed Sheppard, who indicated that he currently works for Wisconsin Emergency Management in Madison, noted that the Town Chair was correct in his assessment.  There was a lengthy discussion regarding the current high water status due to all of the rain we have received.  Discussion on what property owners might be able to do to protect their property from the high water was also part of the discussion.  Some options were discussed and some of the members referenced a study done by Waushara County a couple of years ago.  After a lengthy discussion there was a motion to create a committee to not only review the previous study but perhaps work toward development of another study on shoreline protection.  A motion was made by Elaine Williams, seconded by Sue Beeze to allocate $2500.00 for possible use to find a consultant to do a study or make recommendations and to create a committee to work on this project. This resulted in a change to the budget. Motion carried by voice vote.

Ed Sheppard asked for comments on the feelings of the PRD members on the success or lack of success on the water patrol for this past boating season.  Comments were favorable regarding the water patrol and a motion by Roger Volden and seconded by Elaine Williams to keep the water patrol in 2019.  Motion passed by voice vote.

At this point Roger Volden asked for a motion on the 2019 proposed and amended budget, no additional discussion, and a motion by Elaine Williams and seconded by Mike Getchuis to accept the 2019 budget as amended, with a tax levy of $17,300, was made and passed by voice vote.

The election of a new commissioner to the PRD was the next item on the agenda and an explanation of the ballot was presented by Chairman Volden and he noted that there were two candidates who had been nominated to the positon for PRD commissioner: The candidates were Debra Semrad and Dale Singer.  Hearing no other motions from the floor for this position Debra Semrad and Dale Singer were given time to address the PRD annual meeting prior to the voting.

The results of the voting were as follows: Dale Singer 48 votes, Debra Semrad 9 votes—Mr. Singer was elected to the PRD board.                                                             

Final things covered in the annual meeting were a motion by Nona Koivula and seconded by Tammy Hecker to voluntarily ask boat owners for compliance of a no wake over the Labor Day weekend. Motion was passed by a voice vote.

Roger noted that Dale Singer, the newly elected member of the PRD, would be the point person to work with the committee that was created to study shoreline erosion and the previous study that was done by Waushara County and volunteers for the committee were solicited. Chuck and Elaine Williams, Sue Beeze, and Judy Solarz volunteered to serve on the committee along with Dale Singer.

Motion by Roger Volden, seconded by Sheppard to adjourn the PRD Annual meeting.

Motion carried, annual meeting adjourned.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:25 a.m. on Sept 1, 2018.

Ed Sheppard, Secretary, .


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Protection and Rehabilitation District Last updated 10/8/2018

Pearl Lake, Wisconsin


​Dave Paulick


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