Pearl Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District Board Meeting                           May 26, 2018

The meeting was held at Jeff Swenson’s and was called to order by Chairman Roger Volden at 8:34 a.m. 

The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.

The minutes for the September 2, 2017 & the December 2 meetings were read by Ed Sheppard and the minutes were approved and have been attached to the PRD website.

Note the change for future meeting minutes

·         Information on minutes to NOT be read at meetings after Memorial Day meeting               

·         Information on minutes will be on website to be read before meetings by all interested   

·         A limited amount of copies will be provided prior to future meetings          

·         Information on minutes to be discussed, edited, approved at meetings      

Roger opened the meeting advising the members of several items that needed to be addressed;

·         Information on the Water Patrol agreement that was signed by the PRD Board and referenced in the December 2, 2017 minutes. The agreement is for sporadic hours on weekends between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

·         Roger also noted that a recent review of Wisconsin State Statue 33, which governs Lake Districts, only Board members are to make motions and vote on the motions during non-annual meetings.  As a result PRD members in attendance at regular quarterly meetings (Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, winter meeting) will not vote on issues.  PRD members in attendance at annual meeting (held just prior to regular meeting on Labor Day weekend meeting) will vote on all issues brought up at annual meeting.

·         Roger also discussed the issue of the use of ballots being used on pertinent issues that face the PRD at the annual meeting.  Paper ballots will be used when requested at the annual meeting.

·         Chairman Volden also discussed the issue of high-water concerns and noted that there are no easy solutions that can be done by lake members or the PRD board however he pointed out that there are packets of information that he obtained available in the back of the meeting regarding shoreline help regarding erosion, the ability to add rocks to the shoreline without a permit (the rules have been relaxed).  There was additional information available regarding fish habitat and keeping the lake safe.

The meeting was opened for any public comments and there were none voiced.

The treasurer’s report was given by Dave Paulick.

The bills have all been paid including a down payment to Golden Sands and as of right now checking has $8489.27 and as of the 3rd quarter amount in the Water Quality fund is $97,992.

Roger also explained to those at the meeting that a formal open meetings complaint was made to the Waushara Co DA.  Apparently this was filed after the December 2, 2017 meeting and the PRD board has cooperating with the DA investigator and produced documents to show that the meeting was properly noticed.   It’s unknown what the time frame is for the DA to evaluate this complaint.

Nick Thomas then gave a report on various issues regarding the fish stocking and habitat as well as shore line habitat and erosion.

·         12 fish cribs were added to the lake this spring and were donated and met all the requirements of the DNR.

·         Most cribs are in water over 10 feet of water coverage and in some cases more.

·         3 more people have requested fish cribs for next year.

·         Rick Young made a generous donation of minnows that will serve as food for fish in the lake.  A huge Thank You to Rick Young for his $2000.00 donation.

·         Nick has been continuing to study and plan how to improve shoreline habitat and we have $2500.00 budgeted for that and encourages lake residents to contact him in an effort to work on projects that will help the lake shoreline.

Next on the agenda was a proposal on possible action by the DNR to change the limit to 10 pan fish per day on Pearl Lake.  There was a previous proposal to change the limit to 10 fish per species for a total of 25, that was not approved.

·         The motion to support the change on the pan fish limit to 10 pan fish per day on Pearl Lake was made by Roger Volden/seconded by Dave Paulick and approved.

·         There will be one opening for a PRD commissioner that will be voted on at the annual meeting. That positon is currently held by Dick Fjellman as his term is expiring. Chuck Johanns will head up a nominating committee.

Information on water clarity              2018                 2017         taken on May 24, 2018

Secchi disc reading                              21’                    28’

Water temperature            3’              64F                    59F

                                        15’               55F                  59F

                                         45’              42F                   44

Again this year we have the Clean Boat Clean Water grant in place and at the landing during specific summer hours.

Milfoil was treated again this year. There was a little less area treated than fall survey indicated, which saved us some money.  Notifications were sent out to those areas treated.

The PRD has been made aware that we may be required to have a workman’s comp plan in place in the future. We will continue to monitor that issue.

The next meeting will be held on July 7th at 8:30 am at Swenson’s garage. The meeting is later because of the unusual way the 4th of July fall this year.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 am on May 26th, 2018.

Ed Sheppard, Secretary Pearl Lake PRD


Memorial Day Weekend Board Meeting

Sat. May 26, 2018. Read Agenda HERE

Independence Day Weekend  Board Meeting

Sat. July 7, 2018.  

Labor Day Weekend AnnualMeeting

Sat. September 1, 2018.

The Wisconsin Legislature has made major changes to shoreland zoning in 2015-16. These changes are described in three short video presentations:

Introduction to shoreland zoning and recent changes to required shoreland lot sizes   Click Here

Changes to shoreland setbacks, vegetation protection and impervious surface standards  Click Here

Changes to standards for buildings located close to the shoreline   Coming soon

 Water Clarity

Recent Secchi Disk reading for the lake as reported by Chuck Johanns are:

May 17, 2011    25.0 feet

June 13. 2011  18.25 feet

July 13, 2011    17.25 feet

August 15, 2011 19.25 feet

October 18, 2011  17.25 feet

May 1,  2012  27.5 feet

June 13, 2012  26.5 feet

July 2, 2012  16.5 feet

May 8, 2013  24.5 feet

August 20, 2013  16 feet

June 24, 2014  26 feet

May 24, 2017  28 feet

May 24, 2018   21 feet

New Waushara County Lake Level information and Chart Click Here

Lake Level Map  ClickHere

PRD Board and Annual meetings are held Saturdays at 8:30 am.

In Jeff Swenson's garage at 4655 South Pearl Lake Rd.


Roger Volden

(920) 427-2029 (C) 

Pearl Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District Meeting                           September 2, 2017

The meeting was held at Jeff Swenson’s and was called to order by Chairman Roger Volden at 8:36 a.m. 

The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.

The minutes for the July 1, 2017 meeting were read by Ed Sheppard and the minutes were approved and have been attached to the PRD website.

Rodger opened the meeting requesting public comments on previous business.

Roger reported to the group on the results that the PRD officers were directed at the previous meeting to send letters to some of those who during the recent survey of people were eligible to be in the PRD. These were the people who wanted to be included even though the majority voted against it. Those who voted in favor of being included in the PRD were sent follow up letters and a form that would allow them to become members of the PRD.  Thus far 5 indicated they wanted to move forward with the process.  The deadline for those to notify the PRD in writing to become members is September 28, 2017.

Nick Thomas reported to the group on the recent fundraiser held at the Post Officer Bar in Redgranite for fish and habitat. A total of $2315.00 was raised and he thanked everyone who participated.

Roger also noted that recently after many years of service regarding fish stocking and habitat that Vern Bertzyk has turned the project over to Nick Thomas. A big thank you for your service Vern!!

Nick Thomas reported that because of the fund raiser that we were able to double the budget for fish stocking to $4815 which will result in stocking 3000 Crappie’s of 4-5 inches and 2000 yellow perch.

There was a question regarding a missing buoy that came loose.  It is being fixed and will be able to be used again.

Treasurer Report;

The treasurer’s report was prepared by Randy Rucks, Vice Chair and Treasurer.

Currently there is $4515.57 in checking and additional $$ we were waiting on has been received to bring the balance to $8895.57.  The Water Quality Fund is at $96668.85. 

Motion to approve treasurer’s report made/seconded/approved.

Budget Discussion:  Roger went through the budget that was proposed—

There was a motion made and seconded to eliminate fish stocking from the 2018 budget and to only put it in the budget every other year.

Discussion was held on the motion with a wide ranging discussion involving improving habitat with fish cribs, tree drops, etc. with a long range goal of not having to stock fish.  Nick Thomas explained plans for fish cribs to be put into the lake in the coming winter or next spring—he stated they will comply with DNR standards.  He mentioned that as of now he has requests for 6 cribs and anticipates more requests.  The possibility of applying for grants on fish habitat was also suggested and should be researched.

After discussion the question on the motion was called and the motion was defeated.  A second motion was then made and seconded to leave the $2500.00 in the budget this year for habitat and allow $2500.00 in the budget each year with every other year for fish stocking or habitat.   This motion was voted on and passed.

There was additional discussion regarding following up on the idea to provide $$ to the County Sheriff’s Dept. for additional boat patrol hours with the idea of possibly allocating up to $3000.00. However more research and discussion with the county would need to be done to get more information on how many hours of patrol would result and more specifics—tabled at this time.

A motion was made, seconded, and voted on to approve the 2018 budget for the PRD. The motion was passed to approve the budget as submitted.

Election of Commissioners:

Mark Leissrings will be leaving his positon and he was thanked for all of his years of service to the PRD.

Dick Fjellman has agreed to fill the last year of Mark Lessring’s term.

Dave Paulick’s 3 year term and Randy Rucks 3 year term have expired.  Dave and Randy have agreed to stay on as commissioners.

Nominations were opened for all 3 positons and there were no additional nominations for any of the positions of commissioner.  All three- Dick Fjellmen, Dave Paulick , and Randy Rucks were all approved by acclamation.

The Secci disk report for July 29    was at 17’ and  was 78.3 degrees at 3 feet and 47.3 degrees at 40 feet,

August 25th  17’ and was 73.6 degrees at 3 feet and 48.4 degrees at 40 feet.

Discussion on high water expanding no wake house and locations:

Roger noted that a number of property owners had approached him at Pearl Lake Days to discuss the high water and beach erosion.  Ideas were floated such as reduce the wake hours, temporarily designating a slow no wake between the points, and restrictions on large boats especially the so called bladder boats.  A wide ranging discussion followed on many of these issues. Roger did present some data that showed that the high water seems to be cyclical 7-10 years and pointed out that the current water level is 817.62’ based on sea level data and that over the last 20 years the water has ranged between 813’ to 817’.

There was no motion to change or modify the wake hours as this would need to go to the town of Leon Board and we should consider carefully what we request.

Chris Sorenson pointed out that we just can’t single out a type of boat to ban.

In order to ban “bladder boats” the law would need to be changed and Roger pointed out that would need to be spearheaded by the Lakes Association and he plans to discuss this with other members of the Lakes Association to see what other lakes are doing and if they are experiencing problems or issues.

After the active discussion a motion was made, seconded, and passed that the PRD board should review all options that might be available and bring back possible recommendations to the Memorial Day meeting.  Roger also asked for volunteers who would like to work with the PRD commissioners on this.  They were asked to contact him after the meeting.  Sue Beese indicated a willingness to serve.

The final item on the agenda that was discussed was the dumpster that Nick Thomas had located near his property for the convenience of lake residents.  There was some discussion pro and con as to if it should be kept.  Some neighbors were concerned about it as an eyesore, attracting animals and being used by people at the campsite.  A number of other people praised it for offering convenience.  A motion was made, seconded, and approved in a close vote that it should be removed.  Nick indicated that he would comply in the very near future.

The meeting was adjourned at 10 am on September 2, 2017.

Ed Sheppard, Secretary Pearl Lake PRD

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Dick Fjellman

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Waushara County Representative

​Mike Kapp

Tree Drops make great fish habitat.   

Read all about tree drops HERE

Tree Drop Exemption Check list  HERE

Sample Tree Drop Diagram HERE

Tree Drop Permit Application for those not exempt under the Checklist prodedure above.  HERE  

Tree Drop Contact in Wild Rose.  Approx. $50.00 to $75.00 cost.  Call 715-281-3828 

Eurasian Water Milfoil

The PRD will be continuing its efforts in 2015 to control the invasive species Eurasian Water Milfoil. The district has budgeted $9400.00 for the work.  Our consultants have advised us to budget this amount for years going forward and it is likely that we will have to levy additional money in future budget years.  

It is believed that there is approximately 5.5 acres of area in the lake that will need treatment. Eurasian and Hybrid Milfoil has been found by divers in water as deep as 21 feet.  This compares favorably to the 6 acres that were treated as recently as October of 2007, and the 13 acres that were treated in the summer of 2000.  

We are making progress, but your commissioners will remain vigilant in fighting this invasive species in order to keep Pearl Lake the healthy lake that it is.  Property owners near the affected areas will be notified about the treatment by mail.

Learn more about Aquatic Invasive Species Here


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Ed Sheppard

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2015/2016 New Shoreland Zoning Information


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​1/1/2018 to 12/31/2018 PRD Budget
$2500.00  Fish Stocking/Habitat
$100.00   BUOY REPLACEMENT         
$200.00  EDUCATION
$2500.00  Clean Boats Clean Waters

$50.00  Bank Charge Check Image Fee

$150.00 Bank Charge Online Bill Pay Chrg

$3580.00 Private/Sheriff Lake Patrol

$21,355.00 Total Planned Expenditure

$16,200.00 Tax Levy Requested

$5155.00 Shortfall to be used from Reserve Fund